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The prettiest town in Tenerife award goes to: Santiago Del Teide “Prettiest Town In Tenerife”
The mountain town is many metres above sea level. The award was given by the National Geographic magazine and has been awarded by a panel of acclaimed judges. However the town ranks 9th in the Canary Islands as a whole, which comes for the most scenic towns being in La Gomera and El Hierro. 





Fuereventure named Spanish cultural herirtage place of the year according to the world centre of arts. 


The property market has stabilized in Spain and in Tenerife in general. House prices rose 3.4% in 2014, but are yet much lower than their peaks of 2008. For the UK market, buying on the island has increased as steadier pace because of the increased Sterling over the Euro. This have been even more helped by a more resilient UK economy, meaning UK expats with more money to spend in Tenerife. House prices are still much lower in country regions such as the La Orotava valley. In Santa Ursula also the proprerty prices are much lower than in the south of Tenrife or in touristic places such as Puerto de la Cruz














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The south of the island has become a place increasingly popular for ‘surgery tourism’, which is where somebody combines a holiday with cosmetic surgery. This is appealing as it allows people to be able to recover and relax after a medical procedure. The prices are also favourable compared to north Europe.

Tenerife Host has opened in Las Americas. They are right of the main street near Monkey Beach Bar and Papagayo nightlclub. 

Tenerife Host -Sight seeing tours, Las Americas. The owner is a Ukranian guy who is quite cool. He has lived in Tenerife for a few years. The company aslo offer boat trips and hiking tours all over the island. It is best if you go directly to their website to make a book as this is the quickest way to find what you are looking for and get at ticket. 

They are based in the south, but will most likely have a office in the North also. Also have a look at the Tenerife Host Instagram profile which includes many beautiful pictures of Tenerife.

There are some truly stunning pictures of different parts of the island which really show the contrast of the 11 micro climaets of the island. Which area will you choose to visit next? Well we will leave that up to you!  Some might say the South is more interesting with all the parties and wild entertainment, but personally I find the peace and quite and traditional Spanish culture of the North more appealing. But I guess it depends on what you look for in a holiday and also your personality type. Each to their own we might say! 






Tenerife Canrival Official website

The island is still in the grip of economic hardship Tenerife has unemployment rate of 75% for under 25's. Although there are some signs that this will change with extra funding for the European Union. 

Loro Park has has been the scene of much interest with a work being acidenty tranquilised with a dart by a fellow worker who dressed in a Gorrial suit. A fellow vet did not know the Loropark work was taking part of a routine drill. 

Read the full article in the independent. 

A new company has opened up in the South Tenerife Build. You can find the company in Adeje, which is very close to Las Americas. See Tenerife Build Swimming Pool construction, if you want to know more about have either pool maintenance or a brand new extension or swimming pool.  They guarantee to match any other competitor on price, which of course is what people are most conscious of in today’s financial climate. They cater mostly to the luxury and VIP market, although they do on occasion offer series to the average person who is willing to wait 6 months ( waiting list ) to have their pool serviced